カヌーパドルの自作 2 – DYI canoe paddle. part 2

The 1st one is on process of oiling and sanding, so started the 2nd one.

The 2nd one will be the same shape, but will be a longer paddle, coz the 1st one seems to be little shorter for me. But none of the material I have are long enough. So need to make the joint to get 2 pieces together.

hummmm, not sure, if this gonna look nice…. Well, the look is not important for this paddle.


Quest of understanding “Pizza does not grow on trees”

What is Bushcraft? I have been thinking over and over about this question lately. And seems I cannot quite confidently state the answer.
Sure, there seems to be some definition of it if you search on the Internet. But those only tells me, how and where the Bushcraft came to nowadays existence. At least, for me it does not tell much about what actually is a Bushcraft.

By looking at the activities we all bushcrafters do, we do somewhat closer to what survivalists do, yet it is different. We do things that are based on primitive skills and mountain / forest mans skills, but thats not all.
So are we doing all of those and calling it a Bushcraft? That kind of sounds closer, but I feel still missing the core of thing.

I cannot find the answer so, I gave up! And start to think of what I think and what it is for me.
I think, what I do in Bushcraft is to strip down the thing we have for granted to pieces and back track to how and where it came from. The food, water, house, heat/fire all the things that aid our day-to-day living. Understanding how its made and try to recreate it with my own hands.
Yes, it does sound like reinventing the wheel, but if I learn the most basic technology / skills, which made us possible to progress our lives to get here, then it is totally worth doing it.

Now, I have said it like this way, it all sounds BIG WORDS”…  but doing this is not that difficult. It is as easy as making pizza from scratch instead of heating up the boxed frozen one. All this knowledge and skills were found and practiced by everyone on the earth throughout the history. We just start to forget it sice we start to live in the modern society. Now, it is just need to find the information and try them out to relearn.

So, why do I do this??? I am not going to start to say, it gives me more opportunity of connecting to the nature. Perhaps it is, but to be honest, I do not think I am there yet.
One most simple reason come to my mind is that It is fun and I enjoy doing it. Also to understand and learn the most basic skills like making fire, finding food, making tools needed in wildness will gives me more flexibility and possibility on daily life. In fact, all those skills were totally alive and used daily when my grandfather was young.
Because of this reason, I practice my Bushcraft by more simple tools, prefer natural material, reducing the equipments I carry.

So am I really a bushcrafter? Humm... not sure... but I would say; I do not care if you or I go in to woods with loads of modern equipments or just bare naked, as long as having the mindset of "Bushcraft", I think we are bushcrafter.


Thank you for reading this long post. I might have said something totally off the idea of bushcraft, or you might agree or disagree. This is just what I have thought about and at this moment it makes sense to me.
So, I would like to hear your comments and thought on this. It will be great help on my quest of finding out What is Bushcraft?



 " Wild Britain with Ray Mears, Series 2 - Official ITV trailer "って映像が

どうやらiTV Wildで二週間ほど前から放送始まったらしい!

前回のWild Britain シリーズはかなり楽しめた。自然観察しながらブッシュクラフトをチョイ出ししながら英国の自然を巡るシリーズ。今度はどうなるのか楽しみ!


カヌーパドルの自作 – DYI canoe paddle

I was planing on finishing the paddle shaping and sanding yesterday, but the end of the day, I caould not reach there.
I needed to thin and hollow bevel the blade, but realized that I do not hve the adquite tool for it. so made hollowing plane.

Making this plane took quite lots of time, but it worked very well.

hollowing only closer to the shaft, then smoothly changing to flat face towords the tip of the blade. Flattning is easy, using normal flat plane.

これでパドルフェイスの整形は終わり。後は、ティップの整形とグリップの調整をした後サンドペーパがけ、そしてオイル塗り。 サンドペパーがけ、、、一番嫌いな行程です・・・
Now the blade face profining is done. Still need to round the blade tip, then grip shaping and shading before oiling. I do not like shanding process....


I have got it!!! – 手に入れちゃいました!

Some of you might remember that sometime ago, I have posted that ”I want my own canoe!”. Well, because of that post, one of my friend contacted me offering a old and restored 15ft canoe made by Finish Lohi company. 
So I said YES, and the canoe is now sitting on my yard!
覚えてる方もいるでしょうか?少し前の記事で『カヌーが欲しい!!!!』と書いた所、ブッシュクラフト仲間から『良かったら譲るよ!』と連絡が入りました・・・ もちろん答えはYES!

I would like to take it out for quick test ride before the water freeze up, but I haven’t got the paddle for it yet. So, decided to make one, out of whatever the wood I have in storage.

Checked the style and dimensions of the paddle from internet and decided to make otter tail paddle.

Laminate 3 planks of 9.5x3cm together.

Cut out the shape then thin the blade.

Make handle shape then round the edge. And this is how it looks now.

I still need to thin the blade more and refine the overall shape. Hope I can finish this soon, coz need to make one more of this as soon as possible…


Customizing 1euro cheap Folder Knife

If you are checking my YouTube channel, you probably have noticed that I have uploaded the making of “Customizing 1euro cheap Folder Knife” videos.

I have posted about this knife rebuilding sometime ago in here.
And now I have completed the knife. I really like this one how it came out.

The video is quite long, but I hope you enjoy!

Part 1

part 2


フィンランドの茸狩り – Forest mushrooms from Finland

It seems, my wife is winning the forest mushroom picking this year that picking good mount of them. So we have been enjoying the full of mushroom menus on table. And many for drying for later use.

But, I also want to enjoy the picking part!! so went to pick some at near by forest.

About 1h of picking and this result. It is about 1kg or perhaps more??  The froshiki bag could not hold any more. I have picked few different Boletaceae and woolly milkcap. These are very common here in finland and easy to recongnize.

JPN: カラハツ茸(ベニタケ科 チチタケ属)
ENG: Woolly milkcap (Lactarius torminosus)
FIN: Karvarousku

JPN: ヤマドリタケ(ハラタケ目 イグチ科 ヤマドリタケ属)
ENG: penny bun  (Boletus edulis)
FIN: Herkkutatti

JPN: アミタケ(イグチ目 ヌメリイグチ科)
ENG: Jersey cow mushroom (Suillus bovinus)
FIN: Nummitatti

and 2 of I am not exactly sure the correct name… But I know it is good one to eat.

Woolly milkcap, this has mildly poisness. You must boil over 10min in boiling water then lince it befor eating.
By the way, finish people eat quite many toxic mushrooms after proper de-tox process..


Bushcraft weekend – ブッシュクラフト漬けの週末

Last weekend, I was at bushcraft finland autumn meet up. It was a meet up event from the Bushcraft Finland forum. Unfortunately, there was only 2 people participating, because lots of guys in forum are busy going for hunting. But, we have had great time there and have leaned new skills ideas and trying new skill.
I would like to write about all the things we have done, but photos would tell as good as I can explain. So here you go!


I had 4h drive after work to get the location so we have started late. Quick build Kota (saami's shelter) to sleep in this night. There was a frame ready, so just patching up the wall with our poncho shelter.

Setting up the fire pit for cooking in the morning.

Making of cook pot hanger.

Cook pot hanger, breakfast cooking and kota from last night.

Cleaning up. Brash made from branch. Ash mixed water will take fat out.

We need lots of fire wood.

Lunch time... 昼食フィンランドのマッカラ(ソーセージ)

Trying ro make boiled egg. ゆで卵に挑戦

failed.... 失敗・・・

We have decided to stay in kota because it was really nice and confy, but the sky start to look suspicious. So added more roofing.

Time goes fast out there. Dinner time.

Light up the fire in Kota and relaxing moment. The sky cleared up by this time.

Noticed in the night that temperature was dropping quite low... then in the morning….

Temperature dropped to –2 degrees, everything was frosted. 気温-2度、霜が降りてた!

Bannock for breakfast. 朝食はバノック。

bit of wood work and spend slow morning, then packing up the camp.

We wished we have done much more activities, but the time was limited. Getting fire woods was the most time consuming on this trip, but we had chance to learn and try new things, bit of wild edibles and great time.