Vöyrin Puukko

It is finally completed and I am so exited about this one.

First, I must say that the quality of the work is not that good. It is more like "It is in shape" thaw, you might not see the "Defect" part that much in the picture...:)

But,  even I do know myself that it has some defect, I am very pleased and exited that have managed to complete it and has the appearance of Vöyrin Puukko. Or, I hope it does have it even for the trained eyes of Finnish Puukko lovers.

Any way, here you go, My take on Vöyrin Puukko!!

It is again 3 finger size small knife. When I decided to make this, I started from learning the designs of Vöyrin Puukko. well, to be accurate, I did not know the name "Vöyrin Puukko" at that point. Picked up some books, browsing through Google image and I came up with this design. There are few options on the sheath tip, but I picked the simplest one because I was sure I have no skill for any fine complicated shape in there. The the mirror of the sheath (the front face of puukko sheath is called "Tupen peili" in Finnish) was a bit of challenge to design. I could have copied the existing design, but I like making some original, yet still look some what classic. so, on the end, what I come up with was the feather stick and axe motif design.

The blade, for Vöyrin Puukko, it is usually used all polished blade, but I choose not to. because I like the look of forge finish. for the grip, the usual materials would be brass and wood. I chose copper and birch bark.

There are few new skills I have learned for making this knife and one of it is this part the metal chisel work. This type of technique is often used on Hevosen pää puukko. it gives the texture to the surface and gives extra shine:) It is not very difficult, but not that easy ether but it is fun and useful skill to have I would say.

So, here are all 3 of 4 my three finger knives I started beginning of last year.  (Makiri neck knife is missing in picture)

it was interesting to make four totally different styles of knives from four different cultures. (one missing from picture.)

It was lots of fun making them and was interesting to design them because of the size limitation. Through out the making of all these knife, I have (had to) learned several new skills and all are beneficial for me to make next knife and better.


600 subscriber Give Away! - 登録600人到達プレゼント企画!


I have reached 600 subscribers! Thanks to you all for supporting my Channel!

For the celebration, I have 2 items to give away and here are the rules and conditions.

Rules and conditions:
1: the items are knives, so make sure that you can legally receive it according to your local law. if something happens, I can not take any responsibility.

2: You need to be subscribed to my channel. If not subscribed yet, you can enter this give away by subscribing now.

3: State clearly that you wish to enter this give away, by commenting on this video.

4: If you stated your wish of entry and if you have subscribed before this video is published, then your name will double enter automatically to this give away. so the chance of winning increases.

5: I will put name tags in the bag, then blind pick the winners' name.

6: 2 winners will be picked. One for Puukko and other one for EDC knife.

7: On entry, you can not wish or choose which item you want to win.

8: Dead line of entry is February.8th.2013 12:00 Finnish Time.











二丁差しミニ - Mini Japanese mountain worker's blade


 Originally, I was planing to make single blade set of Japanese hunter's knife of mini size. But few mistakes happened on making process, decided to have fun trying something unusual.


The size including sheath is palm size. one blade is a knife but the second one is a saw. this type of combo is common among Japanese forest workers' Nata (large chopper) set.


 The knife is usual from old file. tapered full tang with oak scale and sheath. The saw is from broke Mora knife blade.

モラのロゴがまだのこってますねw - Logo of Mora is still on the blade.

 ノコギリは枝きり鋸の刃を真似てみました。銘は下手ですので解り難いですが、スタンプではなく.  タガネです。限られたスペースに銘切りタガネで切る練習をしてみました。

 The saw tooth are Japanese style, 3 faced edge pull saw. the dimension of the tooth are of pruning saw style. The maker's mark is chiseled... well it is just a try out and I need more practice.


 The Saw is surprisingly usable. still need better sharpening and bit of modifications on tooth, but cuts well. You can see it from the cutting test video that, it is not as fast as Fiskars saw, but  the cut face of wood is as smooth as of  Fiskars'. this means, I got the tooth edge geometry right! 


EDC / PSK knife

OK, so here it is.

Yesterday, I have completed this knife, EDC or PSK knife. Small 3 finger size full tang blade which can handle fire starting, batoning, to game propping.... I think... :)

the blade is forged from old file, grind is sallow convex. it does not have pointy tip for stabbing, but enough for drilling hole. also most of the cutting edge is curved line so it some what works like ulu, or skinner. The spine is rounded so easy on finger, but dropping portion of the tip, the edge is sharp and hardened, so good for striking ferro rod.

the handle is wrapped with about 1.5 m length of strong cordage and tapered towards the end. this tapering should make better fitting when need to fix make-sift longer handle to it in the woods.. for some reason....

The sheath is pocket sheath which can accommodate knife and LMF army ferro rod securely. it is beeswax hardened, so have great water resistance. Also, it is not wet formed, so possible to change shape by heating sheath. This could be convenient if want to fit pen, small flashlight some survival gear or second knife, instead of ferro rod.

Not showing in the picture, but behind the handle of ferro rod, there is a lanyard hole, so can hang it from neck or can use it to secure the ferro rod if user prefers it to do so.

So, how would you use this? EDC? PSK?


作業中の数本 - Few blades in progress

First, little bit of shout out.

Some time ago, I have posted the tagged 3 favorite items, then passed the tag on to Hiking in Finland. Now, he has posted his 3 favorite items on latest up date, so if you have not checked it yet, please take a look!


Actually the first one is completed. this one, a chisel for hollowing sheathe.

浸油前 - before oiling
It is a small one and has a bent neck. I was not planing on making it look nice, so just picked up a wood from fire wood pile. when I cut it open to make handle, it revealed it's beauty. Was a good curly birch...

軽くオイルを塗ってみた - wipe oil on it.

一晩オイル漬け後 - soaked in oil over night.

 Second and third ones are these.

 One only showing handle is the ken-nata style 3 finger, which I have been tweeting the progress since last year. The black one next to it is my first thin "blade". instead of stamp, I have chiseled the marking... well I tried... These 2 have had bit of production mistake, so will be for my own use.

 4th blade is this one, also 3 finger knife and designed for EDC or PSK.

 This was forged end of last year. Heat treated and sharpened, now only sheath needed.

 And the fifth one is the 3 finger puukko I have bee working on it for quite some time. it actually have not progressed much because I can not figure out how to set all the parts together without damaging the leather on sheath.


No report this year... レポート無しです。

Just incase you are wondering, no Helsinki Knife show report coming this year.
I wanted to go, but could not arrange everything at home for me to leave for a day, I could not travel to Helsinki this weekend. perhaps next time.....


hope someone will upload good photos and videos soon.


DD tarp - Snow - End of 2012 - New Year's resolution

I usually do not bring this video series up on blog, but since that one was the last one of the series and was including the New Year's resolution, so I am making blog post about it as well.

The video was actually posted on my YouTube channel last year as "Exploring Forest - December - DD tarp set up and New Year's resolution " and was shot just in time before the weather turn warmer so still had really nice dry snow forest.

because of the hectic end of the year work load and hassle of Christmas + no enough sleeping taking care of babies, I was quite tensed/stressed. But as soon as I let the dogs out of the car and start walking in to the forest, all of that was blown away.

When I make the Videos for upload, I usually bring some topic(s) to talk about in the forest. one of it this time was Tarp From DD hammock.

I have got this 3 x 3 m DD tarp some time ago, but I just did not have had chance to even test pitch it. so this time I took it with me and tried out.

originally I was thinking of using this tarp for as roof for a hammock. but because of its size, I thought it might work as loue style set up as well. and as you can see. it sets up really nicely.

Conveniently, there was a dead standing tree which was bowed by snow and was still very stable. so I have utilized that to set up. clear out the snow a bit. tie the top corner loop and tap's center loop to the tree. then snow anchor the bottom two corners.

The picture may not show so, but once I get in under, it is covering me quite well from top and side. this 3x3m tarp gives lots of covered room. As I have settled myself in and started brewing coffee. it started to snow again. and it proved that the cover was more than enough to protect me from falling snow.
I lay down and just quietly watched the snow falling from the sky, through the trees and branches above me. I felt pure beauty of nature there at that moment.

After bit more of video shooting and sipping of coffee, even I was very much tempted on staying over night there, it was time to head back home. The sun was already behind the horizon and getting dark, so I packed every thing up and started to trace back my track.

here is the video showing show the tarp was set up, and also talking about my New Year's resolution.


裏山ブッシュクラフト-#16ヤトカンキュンティラ (#16 Jätkänkynttilä)



Happy New year to you all!

the first up load of this year is introducing Christmas and new year decorative fires from Finland.
It is called "Jätkänkynttilä" commonly known as the name "Swedish torch" is one of popular fire used in this time of year to light up spirits of Christmas and new year. In the video, also showing Ice and snow lantern used with candle fire.