Gear Update

So the first day of IWG is getting real close as starting on next Monday, I am very excited and also bit nervous.

As for the preparation, somethings are done, some are not... I guess I just need to the lest along the way. but as for the update needed on the gears, I have got the final bit of update / modification completed, so that will be the topic of this post.

3 items have been added or modified.
 - Shelter
 - Large back pack.
 - Cook kit

 - 1. Shelter.
This is not a new addition but is a modification.
The shelter of my choice at this moment is a 3m x 3m tarp from DD hammocks. I really like this versatility and size.
The modification made was on cordage which used with the tarp.
I like using 550 cord as a ridge line so no change on that part, but have changed the color of it from olive to orange. the reason for this is from now on, I will have many trips, but with group of people. so to avoid someone choking or hanging from neck on my ridge line, I choose some standing out color.
Same thing on the guy line. I am keeping the same 2mm dymeema cord, but attached the orange 550 cord as a flag, so it will stands out better.

- 2. Large back pack.
This is a new addition to my gears. It is a Swedish army LK 70 rucksack. I have looked for and tried quite many rucksacks, but honestly, nothing felt right except the one rucksack from Fjallraven. But the price was out of my budget. Then the Weekend Woodsman has recommended me on checking this LK 70. Thanks to Varusteleka for having the product and good returning policy, I too chance and ordered without trying it on.
The pack capacity is 70l, cotton canvas, outer flame. according to the shop page, This was designed by Haglöfs sometime back in the 60's for the Swedish army. 

When I got the product, I was hoping that the condition was little bit better. But is still very much serviceable condition and when I tried it, I felt as good as trying that Fjallraven rucksack. 

loaded up 25kg for test. It was lightest 25kg load. 

If you ignore that it is old and need some fixing, this pack is as good as any latest model you find from sports shop selection. In someway, This one is even better because after 50 years, it still functions perfectly.

but some miner fixing was needed to make this better.  First fixing was inner closer pull. As can see, it was quite damaged and the cord is starting to ripping the closer. so have packed it with leather, reinforcing the cord hole with eyelet.

next modification was adding modern design. the chest strap. this makes huge difference in comfort but back in the day, this simple wonder was not invented yet, so need to add.
transplanting some material from Finnish gas mask bag to make webbing to hold the strap in place.

next work was on the canvas. Using linseed - beeswax mix on it to improve the water resistant.
Left side - without wax / Right side - with wax
It makes clear difference.

Once all the modification was done, time to put all back on frame.... then I have realized the awkwardness strapping. Originally the buckle of this part is placed out side the pack. but then the buckle gets on the way so cannot make tight strapping. change that so the buckle is now inside the pack, makes it very nice tight strapping. also this made the pack more stable on frame.

- 3. Cook kit.
This is also not new addition. but I have had this quite long time and probably one of the most used cook kit I have, so decided to update it with better contraction.

First I have changed the closing gimmick. befor, it did not have one :) Now, it has got nice snappy hook. along with this change, I have changed the handle longer and with stronger.

It is a nesting pot set made from kids kitchen toy set from IKEA. The cook kit includes 2 posts and the cooking stove. I was using alcohol stove, but changed that to esbit fuel, and modified the steaming pot in to a stove.

With this set up, I do not wast the space with liquid fuel bottle and stove. this new stove nests in nicely without wasting space. Also it works as wood burning stove so I can save the fuel.

Here is a video where I am testing this stove with esbit fuel, boiling water to make coffee.