Few works of this week.

I was on winter / Easter holiday this week and had some time to work on the  slow progressing blades.

First up is a Japanese style leather cutting knife called "Kawa-houtyou".
It is as chisel like blade specifically designed for leather cutting.

 have tried few different cuttings of the leather and as you can see the results on the picture, it does very fine cuttings and does it effortlessly.

The second item is not a blade, but my new belt grinder which I have got it on beginning of this year.
It is one of those low-end El cheapo grinder. I know many people say "Do not go for the cheap grinder!" but I thought it will be way much better than the one I was using....

As I have un-boxed it, even before I run the belt, I have noticed the result of cheap made. there was a screw head sticking out on middle of platen.... so I had to file it down a bit. after that, basic operation of the machine was fine.

after finish grinding a blade, I have noticed that does not matter how I use it, I can not get the decent flat. The reason was that even the belt is correctly set, it does not run flat on platen.

The solution for this was to add extra / new platen. I have silicone glued the ceramic tile as you see in picture.

And the result is this. as good as almost no need of fixing. I am very happy with this mod I made. (but I do not recommend you to try this! It could be very very dangerous if tile breaks or comes off... )

Also, have had short time of forge work. I have re worked the 2 blades which I have forged on last session. as I started to grind the blank, I felt that these are not forged enough. so put it back in the fire and refine the bevel. The small stick in the picture is one forged new this time. It is a metal chisel blank for Japanese style metal chiseling work.

Now, all these blanks are feeling right!

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