JPBK-β2 (Compleated - 完)

I have compleated the knife on weekend and here is the spec and pictures.
週末にJPBK-β2、ついに完成! まずはスペックから。

Blade length刃渉り: 12.5cm
Total length全長: 25.5cm
Blade width (at bottom)元幅: 3.5cm
Blade thickness (at thickes)重ね: 0.5cm
Steel鋼材: Old file from Solingen. ゾーリンゲン古ヤスリ
Handle materialハンドル材: oak, brass pins ブラスピン、オーク
Sheath シース: oak オーク
Blade Profile: Diamond cross section / Scandi flat grind.
ブレードの形状: 断面‐ダイヤモンド・グラインド‐スカンジフラットグラインド。

When the knife is in the sheath, it will hold tight enough not to fall out, but I have added cordage, which will secure the knife even more.

Since I am aiming at Japanese style bushcraft knife, I have added the fire steel to sheath.
I have made 2 holes for it, so I can use one for fire steel and other one for hanging some item like small tinder bag.

Here are the shots with previous version.

The system used for securing knife is different. The previous version uses the lanyard from the knife.

The blade length is longer but the handle is bit shorter. Also the blade width is much wider now.

The handle profile is also different. The previous one was too straight till the end, causing handling problem when chopping in. the new one has stronger taper on the end, stopping the hand slipping through.

the blade back has new idea. The blade is thicker on new blade, but has the profile of diamond. The old one has same thickness from back to ridgeline.
Also on the new blade, the tip side half of back has hardened edge with 90 degree angle. This is to be used for scraping job for crafting and fire starting. The bottom side of the back is not hardened and rounded. So will support the stress to blade and the rounded edge will be soft on finger when using.

I have been using this blade since first time the edge was put on. It has been put to batonning the oak to get the sheath material, whittle the handle and sheath, made few feather sticks with fat wood… and it is still shaving the arm hair, no eye visible damage on cutting edge.
I have really good feeling about this knife, and can’t wait to take out in woods.

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  1. Man, you did a fantastic job on this one! Really. Everything came out great. Totally professional. I can't wait to see it at the Bushcraft Finland meetup.

    Thanks for showing!


  2. I prefer the tapered sheath, but both knives and sheaths are ones to be proud of.

  3. Thank you guys!

    >> bmatt
    Yes, I am planing of using this at meetup. need to use this now as much as possible to test out.

    >>Gorges Smythe
    The tapered sheath is the new one and I also like the look of that better.

  4. Really enjoying your blog. And that knife... Will you consider making one for sale?