Axe again??? – また斧

“Axe againe???” that my SWMBO saied when I have picked this one up from free market while we are traviering Tammisaari in summer.
I know myself that I have got more than enough axes to use, but cant help it when I see good old axe in good condition like this. And further more, the price was really good.

What I got this time is an Axe head from Kellokoski. It is an old Finish maker, which died out like Billnäs after chain saw came out to market.  Also in Finland (or from Kellokoski and Billnäs), this style of head was not common and called “Canadian style” on them old catalog.
I have had it rust removed, but nothing els was done till now. But I wanted to use it this weekend, decided to hang it now.
今回手に入れたのはKellokoskiというフィンランドのメーカーの物。この会社もBillnäsと同じく、チェーンソーの登場と共に消えて行ったメーカー。 そしてこの形の斧は結構珍しく、KellokoskiとBillnäsの昔のカタログ見ても『カナダ型』として一品掲載されているだけ。

Cleaned and polished and sharpend, then fit the helve. Hulttafors’ hickory helve was just good size, so no work was needed to fit well. The easiest hanging work ever.
The axe head: about 800g
Helve about 60cm
Lets see how this will work!


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  1. Another great axe! I just love these old Finnish and Swedish axes. They were made really well.

    My favorite bush axe is very similar in weight and length to this axe. Powerful enough to do real work, but still easy to attach to a pack and carry because they are not too heavy or long.