Sneak preview what is coming up…

Recently, I have purchased a multi-bladed folder knife from local hardware store for just 1euro / knife….
As you can imagine from the price, it is one of those crappy JUNK knife. But because of it’s price, I bought 2 of them, thinking of using it as law material for some project.

Back to home and start observing the knife, and noticed that the blade is actually carbon steel, and hardened harder than Opinel blade.
This, I have to sharpen it properly and test, so I did…
Sharpened it to razor sharp and it took the good edge. So took it out to my garden work to cut raspberry bushes.

Managed to cut all this without any visible damage to the edge.
So I have put it under the microscope…
100x-200x magnifications…
I see no damages.

200x-300x magnifications…
Found tiny chipping on most used part of edge…

This is a case of  “Cats hide their claws”. Unfortunately, this knife has horrible fittings that do not work properly as a folder, so I need to re-fit it.

Took everything a part and start fixing the problems. This is going to be an exiting project!! And good project for me to understand the construction of multi-bladed folder knives.

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  1. Few folks would go to that effort. With your craftsmanship, I'm sure the knives will end up far better than they began.

  2. I am hoping that one way or another, the effort I am puttin on this will pay off. One thing for sure, is that I am having fun doing this and perhaps, that all matters on the end.

  3. Hey! I have same folders at home. I bought them long ago and got very good price cause got 20 of them. I still have some 5 pcs left. And what I noticed also that carbon steel blade takes really great edge, but some of the blades were not completely straight. That knife also works wonderfully with firesteel.

    I thought to make few thinner ones to remove for me quite useless can opener.

    Great work, let me know the end result!


  4. Hi finnman,

    Ijust noticed your comment! as you said, the can opener is quite useless :)

    I am almost finishing this project, and will be making video of it.

  5. 面白そうですが、字幕を付けてもらえれば嬉しいです・・・・・