Caught up on many other things. – ちょっと忙しすぎ

Now, I really would like to finish the 2nd paddle, but there are few things I need to do at home + started Bushclass USA. So till this weekend, I probably will not progress on the paddle making. But fortunately, this year the winter seems to be coming slowly, so I should still expect no ice on lake for sometime.

Tell you about this Bushclass a bit. It is kind of on-line class about bushcraft skills. The Class has 2 certificates at this moment, the basic and intermediate. It is totally free and you can join anytime and can go through it with your pace. I have joined this not just to get the certificate, but also to know what I can do or not and to get new knowledge and skills.  It is well structured and easy to follow. If you are interested in what this is all about, should go check it out.

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