Hukari Followup

On last post, I have showed how I have modified my Hukari and lat saturday, I have had chance of using it on camp situation.

It was a Bushcraft meet up of wild edible class. So much information was shared in that meeting and I have lots to process.well... post about that will be coming some other time.

today, I am only going to talk about how my Hukari performed.

The handle modification:
This was not new modification so I knew exactly what to expect. It really makes difference on how it feels on hand and also handling in different ways. especially the grind down hilt definitel brings large differences in performance.

The convex edge:
This I think would like to have it little thinner. it does work well, but how I put it is more for chopping work. so when need to make shavings, it felt little odd while operating.

The belt loop:
Totally working and I was very pleased with the quick de-touch system.

Ferrorod: well,,, no need for explanation.. it is useful :)

The striker:
.... well this worked, but kind of fail. Basically the grind down section was too short, making quite difficult to scrape. also since the part is not hardened section of the blade, it looses the edge quite fast. lets see if I can find the way to improve this.

Over all performance:

Fire wood making was sure no issue at all. splitting wood, making shavings ans so on.

I can easily make some feathering, thick and thin. And the thin shavings were thin enough to take spark from LMF.  Oh, in the picture you see LMF wth striker, that is because I gave up on using Hukari as striker. 

Then I also pushed the comfort zone of Hukari usage... the curving job. Picked up one baton, split, then start shaping. 

All I have used was Hukari. at first, I felt little uncomfortable but soon realized how I should be handling it. soon it became even comfortable using Hukari for this job and as you see in picture, usable spoon is ready. when I was almost done making, Perkunas from perkele' blog joked about "Try making tea spoon next time!"... or was it a joke??? so I quickly made tea spoon on the other side of spoon handle.

This blade is like Knife+ hatchet multi-tool. so doing work like this is actually comfortable. and does it faster than using normal sized knife.

I would not replace axe with this, but I could comfortably take this to the trip any time. I think combining this and a folding saw would make real good combination for most of needs.

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  1. Good carving for such a large tool!

    1. it is actually not much different from using small or large knife. both are knife blade, just difference in how to use it:)

  2. I think you're right about a large knife and saw being a versatile combination, because you can do so much with them (felling, chopping, splitting, hewing, carving, feather sticks, game animal processing, general cutting tasks etc.). The main areas where it would be a bit weak would be with some finer tasks and some splitting (tough, knotty pieces of wood). But in general I think a big knife and saw are very effective when used together.

    Nice spoons, by the way. :)

    1. the knife like this + saw is the basic mountain (forest) workers' set in Japan. they do lots of branch trimming. and so making fire woods from branches and little thicker woods, set like that is really effective.

      about the splitting, I have tried new method I was thinking of sometime and seems it works well. it is a buttoning but with little twist and only works with the knife of this size.
      I will make the post about it sometime soon.

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    2. Oh... I got it:)