Vöyrin Puukko

It is finally completed and I am so exited about this one.

First, I must say that the quality of the work is not that good. It is more like "It is in shape" thaw, you might not see the "Defect" part that much in the picture...:)

But,  even I do know myself that it has some defect, I am very pleased and exited that have managed to complete it and has the appearance of Vöyrin Puukko. Or, I hope it does have it even for the trained eyes of Finnish Puukko lovers.

Any way, here you go, My take on Vöyrin Puukko!!

It is again 3 finger size small knife. When I decided to make this, I started from learning the designs of Vöyrin Puukko. well, to be accurate, I did not know the name "Vöyrin Puukko" at that point. Picked up some books, browsing through Google image and I came up with this design. There are few options on the sheath tip, but I picked the simplest one because I was sure I have no skill for any fine complicated shape in there. The the mirror of the sheath (the front face of puukko sheath is called "Tupen peili" in Finnish) was a bit of challenge to design. I could have copied the existing design, but I like making some original, yet still look some what classic. so, on the end, what I come up with was the feather stick and axe motif design.

The blade, for Vöyrin Puukko, it is usually used all polished blade, but I choose not to. because I like the look of forge finish. for the grip, the usual materials would be brass and wood. I chose copper and birch bark.

There are few new skills I have learned for making this knife and one of it is this part the metal chisel work. This type of technique is often used on Hevosen pää puukko. it gives the texture to the surface and gives extra shine:) It is not very difficult, but not that easy ether but it is fun and useful skill to have I would say.

So, here are all 3 of 4 my three finger knives I started beginning of last year.  (Makiri neck knife is missing in picture)

it was interesting to make four totally different styles of knives from four different cultures. (one missing from picture.)

It was lots of fun making them and was interesting to design them because of the size limitation. Through out the making of all these knife, I have (had to) learned several new skills and all are beneficial for me to make next knife and better.

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