EDC / PSK knife

OK, so here it is.

Yesterday, I have completed this knife, EDC or PSK knife. Small 3 finger size full tang blade which can handle fire starting, batoning, to game propping.... I think... :)

the blade is forged from old file, grind is sallow convex. it does not have pointy tip for stabbing, but enough for drilling hole. also most of the cutting edge is curved line so it some what works like ulu, or skinner. The spine is rounded so easy on finger, but dropping portion of the tip, the edge is sharp and hardened, so good for striking ferro rod.

the handle is wrapped with about 1.5 m length of strong cordage and tapered towards the end. this tapering should make better fitting when need to fix make-sift longer handle to it in the woods.. for some reason....

The sheath is pocket sheath which can accommodate knife and LMF army ferro rod securely. it is beeswax hardened, so have great water resistance. Also, it is not wet formed, so possible to change shape by heating sheath. This could be convenient if want to fit pen, small flashlight some survival gear or second knife, instead of ferro rod.

Not showing in the picture, but behind the handle of ferro rod, there is a lanyard hole, so can hang it from neck or can use it to secure the ferro rod if user prefers it to do so.

So, how would you use this? EDC? PSK?

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