New Forge

I have been using a forge which I have contracted about 2 years ago. It was working OK till new, but it start to have some issues, so decided to make new one.

The old one was made from large paint can filled with cray. the issues on this one was that it consumes too much char coal and the cray is start to giving up. Also the air hole was easily get blocked with melted cray and was very difficult to clean.

this is the old set up.

So to solve those issues, I decided to use proper fire bricks and cement.
Went to shop and got 2 different sizes of bricks. in total 8 of them. then took some parts from old forge and constructed the new one.

this picture was taken before every thing is cemented.

Last week end, I have got time for forging, I fired up this new forge and made 4 blade blanks.
The forge worked  very well. it consumes less charcoal, retains heat well, mobile, blower is in the right place... and so on... the only problem I have now for this new one is storage... now it need larger spot in my garage to stare this.

From top left clock-wise:
Whittling puukko / leather cutter / Makiri neker / Makiri Style Knife.

on the end of the work., my hands and arms so tired. I only managed to forge the bevel out on Makiri style knife. tang on that one is just tapered enough and I could not lift the hammer any more... I guess I am little out of shape:)

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