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Bush n' Blade (Bushcraft and Knife making)
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Just quick update on about my blog.

I have been running this blog for few years now and since the beginning, I have been making posts in English and Japanese language. the reason was so I do not need to maintain 2 blogs for same posts. Also at the beginning, my contents had somewhat specific targets of audience depends on the topic I was covering. some are based on what Japanese readers' interest and some are for English readers'.

Lately, I started having more and more topics which are of interest of both. This has resoled in mixing language in same post and the story I would like to tell there are getting longer and longer.

So, to to fix the readability of each posts, I decided to split this blog into 2. one is only posted in Japanese, which is this old page and  one for English contents, new URL: http://bushnblade-en.blogspot.fi/

I have copied all my old posts and comments to new English version page, so for old posts you still see the Japanese mixed. But all the new postings made from now on will only be written in English.

Hope this change will make your reading experience better, and please remember to update your bookmark!


Bush n' Blade

Bush n' Blade (Bushcraft and Knife making)
blog in English:

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