Handcraft fair

On weekend, instead of stay home and making knife, I went to see the Tampere handcraft fair. It is the biggest handcraft event in Finland and I never have visited before.

To be honest, I had not much of expectation, coz whenever you see the “Handcraft” event in Finland, all you find are not my kind of handcraft, knitting and card making and so on….

As I walked in to the hall, I see all kinds of textile, knitting and weaving related crafts, but then, on middle of that, there was a table filled with puukko. Then other puukko table, blacksmith and all kinds of my kind of craft shops!! This is crafts men’s heaven!!
some small maker self build puukko.

Knife building materials. blades, pice of 6e to 30e range

Famouse Kauhavan Puukkopaja

good quality, resnable price puukko.

and then what I was most interested in...
 Wästikivi, the natural sharpening stone manufacturer from Finland.
I was interested in them stone for a long time, but never had chance to get the good size for knife sharpening. I had long chat with the maker and on the end, bought one. (Will make review of it some time)

There was many interesting tables, also jewelry maker’s area was good place to find the knife making tools and materials.
 The only thing missing was the leather craft. I did not see any leather craft tools and material suppliers. Also was not much of woodcraft present.

Overall, it was a good place to get new ideas and supplies, and definitely a fun to visit.  

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