So, here comes... / ブログ創めました

So, here comes my Bushcraft and Bladesmith blog

I have put up my web site of Bushcraft and Bladesmithing sometime ago but is totally in Japanese, though not quite completed yet... The “Bushcraft” is not yet known in Japan. The closest thing there is called “Survival” and that is not quite same as bushcraft. so, I thought would be good to make one site which can tell about bushcraft to Japanese outdoor enthusiasts.
But then, I realized that I would like to talk to non-Japanese speaking people as well. So, this blog will be my solution to it.
I will post here in ENG or / and JPN so more people are able to join here to see my way of bushcraft.

Oh! One more thing. I do bladesmith as my other hobby and for me, that is clothly related to bushcraft I do, so that activities are included in this blog topic.

Hope you enjoy!!




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