Winter preparation

On one of the forum I am participating, I have started the topic of ”What winter fun are you planning?”.  There, I have mentioned that I would like to try winter camping with hot tent.

For some time, I have wanted some night out in the forest equipments of a tarp, a bigger tent and a wood stove for tent. For the tent, I was very interested in a canvas tent and preferably a tipi.  But all these are quite expensive, especially canvas tipi and wood tent stove. So I started to seek for the DIY possibilities. While I was on search, came across this Belgian army tent half.
This stuff is designed to act as a tent half, poncho, camo-coat to name a few... so very heavy-duty yet, since it is a army surplus, cheap. This is a tent half, so not that large (1 sheet size is 170 x 170cm). but able to connect other half to make lager sheet. So I have purchased 3 sheets and few dayes after, the shipment has arrived.

First thing first, put it up to tipi configuration to see if rally can make the tipi with it. (yes, this thing is not designed to form tipi. Only to tarp, A-shape tent or lean-to.)
Here is the 2 sheets tipi or laavu type set up. This is quite good. It has enough room for 1 men + back pack.

Front closed tipi type.

Front open laavu type.

And 3 sheets tipi.

This gives quite large floor space, 2 or 3 man + back pack. I have set it up as triangle bottom pyramid shape; so one side length is 320cm. I think this will give room for 2 man + small wood stove.

Though, there are few issues need to figure out.
1: the head hole, when used as poncho, is open on ridge. This will for sure take snow / water in. need to seal it some how.
2: difficult to get tight ridgeline.
3: need more peg hole.
4: need to find the solution to close front good when usint 3 sheets. (the buttons does not mutch up...)

But, I have got the promising start of getting “Low budget hot tent”. Next item is the wood stove.

---- Budget spent----
Tent base 37.5e

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