Test - テスト

Let’s start from the stove test.
I have set up the shelter and stove on my back yard and started the heating test around 12:00 mid night. I do not own proper winter sleeping bag, so have used 2 summer sleeping bag and wool blanket as my seeping system.
As soon as I started the stove, in side of the tent was nicely warm as about +12 while outside was - 12.
 On the end, I gave up and went back in the house around 5:00 in the morning.  I wake up feeling my nose was freezing cold and also upper body was feeling really cold.  The temperature of that point was -15 degrees centigrade in the shelter.  As expected, as soon as the stove stop burning, the shelter cools down fast. The thing I did not expect was that gets cold that fast in the sleeping bag. It is the same setting I have used last year and was totally fine… I wonder what was different.


Then the snowshoe…
I have had chance to go snowshoe walk on Saturday and I love this!
The condition of the snow was about 40cm deep powder snow. Test location was nearby forest / swamp area.
Walking with this snowshoe was real easy job, very stable in feeling and flotation was really good. It was as easy as walking in summer time. The only problem I had was my dogs keep stepping on the snowshoe tail.  I guess they also know the easy way to walk in deep snow….



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  1. Hmmm, strange that the same sleeping setup from last year was colder this time. What kind of clothes were you wearing in the sleeping bag?

    How long does the stove burn and put out good heat before you have to start it up again? I don't know if I will use my stove for heating at night. Maybe I will, if it burns long enough. I think it will mainly be used for heating during the day.

    Looks like the snowshoes worked well for you. :) They are not the best for steep uphill and downhill climbs, but with practice and some technique they can be used. Do you think you will cut the tails off?


  2. The only difference was wool blanket instead of fleece blanket and the temperature was about -5 degrees colder this time.
    I did not check but I think the stove burns about 30 to 40 min unattended. If I have regulate the air better by adjusting the dumper better, then might keep the heat little longer. I should check this some time.
    I can imagine, that snow shoe is not for steep hill. It is too long for that king of climbing needs. And I do not think will cut off the tails as that makes the toe to lift up. I am thinking of going to try out the hill climbing some time to see how it handles. Just to understand the limitation of the snowshoe.

  3. Well, 5 degrees can certainly make a difference. :)

    The problem with the snowshoes on steep hills isn't the length, in my experience, but rather traction. The little bumps on the bottom of these snowshoes just don't grip the snow enough to hold on. So you have to step down with one foot several times to compact the snow a bit more so the shoes will grip.