Found special place – 特別な場所

I have found this location just few weeks ago. It is very close to where I live so very convenient to take my dogs for walk and can do quick hike. What nice about this forest is that “No one comes there”. No forestry activities, no trekkers, no trail. So the forest is as it is.

Last weekend, when the temperature was close to -30 degree, I graved my pare of snowshoe and went for short hike with my dogs. I thought it would be a good snowshoe test field because it is dense woods, many steep hills and lots of debris under snow.

 The forest is dense, so the snow is not very deep. But walking over the fallen trees and through tight path, takes my energy away. Going uphill was quite OK.  Using toe to bite in the snow makes it like walking up the stairway.

On the middle way of the small hill, I have found a natural shelter.

There were lots of badger track going in and out of this shelter. My dogs got really interested in this spot.

Took short break on the top of the hill and then head back home. The downhill was much more challenge with the snowshoe. The snowshoe tends to slide down when stepped in. and there are no way to make heel to bite in to the snow, it was difficult to keep balance as well.  Need to find some solution for this…

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  1. You're a brave man. At -30, I'd have stayed inside!

  2. Nice secluded spot you've found there!

    I have also found that those snowshoes act like skis when going downhill. :) Maybe some spikes or something on the bottom would be a good solution.


  3. Gorges Smythe>
    after living in finland long enough, it made me to feel -10=mild cold, -20=normal cold and -30= really cold. :)

    yap, it is like skis. I was thinking of tying some sticks on the silde of the snowshoe like all Japanese one have.