One knife craft

Since I have got new knife, specially designed for wood crafting, I thought I will try some one knife wood craft.
I picked up a piece of fir from fire wood pile and start to sprit it. Since I had no plan on what I am making, I ended up little too shot parts. But managed to come up with thin strips of wood plates. So decided to make small box.
Not pretty or fine craft, but something that is done old way. This box is made only with fir wood. No glue, no nail, no synthetic cordage.  Also the tool used was one knife only.

I am quite happy that the knife I made works exactly as I wanted to be that can handle this type of job comfortably.

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  1. That's rustic enough that my wife would like it. She likes old-timey looking things.

  2. Nice one-knife project! By fir, do you mean spruce? Also, did you use spruce roots to "sew" the box? The dark winter evenings are a great time for projects like these. :)


  3. Yes, it is spruce. How did I mix that up....
    I did not have root so I just thinned and narrowed the wood to make cordage. When sewing, I have moisture the cord to make it really flexible. Not strong as root, but seems strong enough for this binding job.
    I like this kind of simple old school wood craft. It is enjoyable and does not take much time to do.