BCFIN spring meet up report - ブッシュクラフトフィンランド、春のオフ会

Spring meet up...
I am not quite sure where to start or how to tell. It was great meet up, so many activities, lots of information received and lots to process.
Unfortunately it was only 3 of forum members could have join this time for several reasons and myself was able to join only from 2nd day.
I have arrived at meeting location in early morning of day 2. Luckily, I have managed to arrive while other 2 members were still in bed.  I did not miss anything on day 2.

After the morning coffee, starting the day 2 activities. First thing first… securing drinking water.
We have had spring water nearby, but for exercising purpose,  made survival water filter.

Using what’s available to make water filter.
Once the water is secured, start improving the shelter. Reconstructing the fire pit to more thermal storable and wildfire proof.  Also adding more spruce branches to make bedding more springy and insulated from ground.

The time goes fast when you are on action... the stomach clock start to beeping… time for lunch.

 After filling up the energy, it is time to start the afternoon activities. First up is a Bucksaw making. I have done this several times, but no one has taught me how and the plan was to make something that lasts longer and making it proper. So we all head out to look for materials.

Work of our MAESTRO. Made one with style...

The one I made was without style, just it works.

 It was still early for dinner, so we took walk around in the forest.  Following the deer highway,  learning and recognizing the trace of wild life. Also took time to enjoy the beauty of nature. I love the old forest…

Night fell, but we all are still active in Kota shelter. Processing the Tinder fungus for tomorrow, talking bushcraft , hunting , jokes and about our life. And our maestro Rautasarvi has entertained us with his delicious pancake cooking.

The day 3 was short day. Starting with walk in the forest correcting breakfast and other natural resources we can utilize.
larva of Carpenter ant (Camponotus herculeanus). very tasty like milk with honey.
Different fungi can be used as tinder.
Quartz for making sparks.

After learning the important acquiring skills, back to camp and time to pack up. Have last coffee brew over the left over fire and start to digest the information and memories we all got during this meet up. Start to think of what we do next time.

Shake hands with each other to acknowledge the deepened ties of campfire brotherhood…
.............................Great time well spent...............................


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  1. Looks like a really nice time with great projects, activities and friends. :)

    How many poles did you have in the kota? The kota cover looks a lot like the one I use.


  2. it was 3 of us and the size of kota can fit about 4 to 5 people with back pack.
    Yes, the cover is same kind of sheet you use.

  3. And how many poles were in the kota frame? I'm thinking of doubling the number I've been using to about 20 or so to better withstand the snow load and for more room.


    1. Oh, poles,,, I was reading pEople... :)

      Counted from the picture, I see 7 poles. Rautasarvi was saying that in winter, would be better to have 2 layers of sheets. One inside of the pole and one outside. And the one on outside is lifted from the ground and the one inside is from the ground. That makes better the insulation and smoke suction on top opening.

    2. :)

      Thanks for the info. That 2-layer method was popular with Native American tipis as well. I think I will do something like that with my kota in the future.


  4. pee-poles :)

    Great stuff you did there! Thanks from report and pics, wish could been there aswell! :(

    - Finnman

    1. I am sure the next time will even be better.