Little Update on neck knife project - ネックナイフ再開

I was actually planning on finishing the neck knives before the BCFIN meet up, but I did not enough time and did not want to rush it. So I have put them on hold for short while and now it is time to move forward again.
First process is to sharpen the blade and polish. But once the blade is sharpened, I do the brass rod flex test. With this test, I can tell that the blade is good enough for use… I am not saying that the blade is good. because IMO, that comes from how well / long the blade keeps the edge.


Seems both blades passed the test, so finish polishing the blade. I decided to polish entire blade of Makiri neck knife to give little more looks of Katana. Because according to my research, back in the old days, the Makiri was often made from broken katana.
After the polishing, move on to handle making, I choose Cherry and Oak.


But mmmmmm,,, the oak does not convinced me for this Puukko neck knife... so I seek the possibility on my new material.. The deer bones.  I have cut the leg bones in good length and started the cleaning of them.

to be continued....

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  1. What a teaser! I can't wait until you're finished with them. :)


  2. :) the next update post will be when compleated.