Neck Knife forging - ネックナイフの鍛造

It was Easter holyday and had 4 days of off from work. Generally, it was good days off for me that got to do some projects started. But was not quite relaxing as I got my eye injured and is bad….
It seems to have happened when I was grinding the forged knife blank. A tiny particle jumped in to my eye and seems to stack in. I was wearing a eye protection, but seems was not proper. The particle made its way to my eye and now, I have hard time keep my eye open.

This picture has nothing to do with the topic, but was a nice moon sky night…
However, let’s talk about the knife project. It is always difficult to find time for forging work, so even I do not have the makers mark ready, I went ahead and started the blade making.
I have bit short on material at this moment as I only had enough to make about 2 to 3 neck knife + one short blade puuko.  so I needed to choose which one to make this time.  I picked Makiri and Puukko neck knives and one small Puukko.

After forging job, put the blade blank to grinder and hand grinding to get the detail straight.  A great Japanese blade smith said, “Grinding is not a job of a smith”. So I usually try to get detail as much completed as I can on forging process. But this time, I had very remitted time on anvil; I choose to spend more time on grinder instead.

 2 blades are almost done. Still need to shape tang and clean up the deep scratches out.  The largest one… I will work on that bit later when my eye is back..

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  1. 眼は大事です!

  2. 気をつけてはいたのですが、安物の保護メガネのせいか、十分ではなかったようです。怪我してからでは遅いとは正にこの事。今後は更に気をつけないといけないですね。

  3. Sorry to hear about the eye injury. OUCH!

    But the blades are coming along very nicely! Keep up the good work.


    1. Eye injury>> it is getting better, but still having problem...
      To take care and protect eyes.. goes to everyone who does any kind of craft. Branches, wood chips… I was thinking that at least this did not happen in the forest middle of nowhere… I was lucky.