I have been up to so many activities lately...

This year, I am taking my summer holiday quite early. About 2 weeks have past and week and half left.

Some of you who have been following my blog long time may have noticed that the update slows down as when I am on holiday, that is because I fill up my 24h of day with things I need to do and want to do.

In the day time I am at home duty work. This summer is reorganizing garden. Gathering all garden plants to one spot, expanding the vegetable garden, and hopefully can manage to build a fire pit for grilling.
new vegetable garden to be..
Hope to get this fire pit done this summer...

gathering plants to here. use to be filled with annoying large bush.. 
And when raining or too hot to work outside, then extending the storage space on 2nd floor.
Took out wall and there was large space hidden...

Then the night time, I go to basement, making knives, modding outing gears, sharpening axes.. :)

Talking about the knife, I am still at trying to get the satisfactory look on those neck knives. The Makiri neck knife. I am remaking the handle now for the 3rd times. 1st one was getting nicely, but then I clacked it when peening the brass pin. The second one was just did not like the grain of wood, the 3rd one.... Nothing wrong on this one, but I can tell that I will not gonna like this one when I finished, so I am quite sure, I am going to make the 4th one....

I was getting frustrated on this project, so picked up the one I am making it for my best friend "The Crazy Mexican". (See the post http://bushnblade.blogspot.com/2012/04/it-was-easter-holyday-and-has-4-days-of.html#links)

This type blade is not the first time, so coming up fast and no difficulties. So I have tried new materials on this knife.

What do you think?

Blade: forged from old file.
Blade Length; 80mm
Blade thickness; 5.4mm (at bottom) 4.3mm (at tip side)
Scandi grind.
Material; Orapihlajat (Crataegus monogyna, known as common hawthorn), cow horn bolster, leather spacer
Tang: concealed narrow tang
Total length: 200mm

Still need to finish the sheath then final polish. But I really like this materials. Especially the wood, it is very hard but not like oak, it has good elasticity as well and I love this color and texture.

4 件のコメント:

  1. Both the knife and sheath look excellent!

  2. Looking after gardens takes always time. I dont like doing it at home. Because Im doing it for living ( Im landscape gardener by the way)
    Knife and sheath looks great. I have never used orapihlaja. Next time I cut down one, I have to take home some parts ;)

  3. I like the knife and sheath. It looks like you really put a lot of hard work into them, because they look perfect. Having seen and handled previous knives that you have made, I'm sure the "Crazy Mexican" will be getting a great knife. :)


  4. Thank you all for the comments. I finished all and now the sheath is hanging for drying the finish. The blade profile is little too generic use for me taste but crossed my mind not to give it away... :) I really like this one especially the handle.