New equipment

Found a new addition to my gears from my favorite frae market. It is a old back pack and I have been looking for it for some time and finally found the one I can agree on price vs condition.

It is a old SAVOTTA frame back pack. Quite good condition and very much in serviceable.
No damage at all that I can find, only few seams have broken but no immediate fix needed. It has 2 large side pockets and 1 back pocket. Made from rubber back coated canvas and leather straps.

I can see that it has been used a lot, but still functions as good as new. It is amazing that how well it has been made.

Oh, and the best part is that I only paid 7e for this:)

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  1. Im so jealous! :) Thats something, old finnish trational bushcrafters back pack. I thinks its rather rare nowadays

    1. Hehe.. :) I actually have used it for 2 nights out camp and it really is a good pack. Thaw I would like to make bit of modifications befor next time use.

  2. Wow! Great pack for a great price! I'd love to find one like that, too.

    What kinds of external attachment options are there? It looks like there are three external pockets. What's it like inside?


    1. I am planing to make detailed post on this pack soon. But in quick,
      One large main compartment, 2 long side pockets, 1 rectangle pocket. For extra carry, 3 straps on top of maine lid. Quite simple straight forward configuration.