Latest haul from flea market

 I have posted about the flea market event happens twice a year in Tampere several times on this blog. well, the first of of this year was held last week end and of cause, I was there digging in try to fish out some nice items.

every time when I visit place like this, I am after some old wood working tools and blacksmith tools I could use. also I am after some nice vintage axe, knives and camping equipment which I can use and/or for collection.

as for the trend in second hand markets around Tampere, the items sold are shifting more to clothing and baby/kids products and this flea market event is not different so it seems and I am able to haul less and less items of my liking...

How ever, I still have managed to pick up some toys keeps me happy for some time.

hare are all I picked this time. a old and unusable Puukko, broken chisel, almost new condition knives from Retki and Victorinox, Danish made key chain knife, three Sheffield knives and one large folding knife made in Germany.

all the folders were sold as a set and I feel have paid little too much for it, but SAK and Retki (the lady bug looking one) were never re-sharpened and have original sharpness, no scratches, so I think those itself do pay off what I paid for. Three Sheffield knives are well used and fitting is loos. all are the same models, but seems from different era, well I need to look in to that some how, but those gives me fun of restoring to working condition.

The tiniest one is made in Denmark and it is kind of souvenir knife and has stainless blade. but it looks pretty and has good quality crafted.

The most interesting ones are the chisel and puukko, which I have picked up from other seller.

The chisel, I picked it so I will use it as a knife making material, but when I got home and carefully inspected, it turned out that is made by Hackman. This is something you do not come by that often. so lets see, if I can somehow restore this as a chisel. if not, then will make puukko out of it.

And the puukko, First I thought this is worthless to get it, but i quickly realized that the blade has not be worn out much, bolster is still fixable and and pommel is has only scratches. the only issue is the bent tang, but that is not much of problem to fix once I managed to take the handle out, so, this good old puukko can be restored to almost original condition.

Other thing interests me was the bolster part. Seems it had some traditional decorative chisel carving on. It is badly faded, but still have trace of it left. I think, with enough research, I could come-up with good guess of how it was.

part of traditional decorative chisel carving work visible. 

One more thing makes me excite of restoring this is that this type of puukko was often fitted with  sandwich construction sheath which I have been wanting the chance of making one.

Well, lets see, these are going to be long slow progress side projects... if i ever managed to find time for it :)

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