little pogress.

Still not that feeling well, but can keep myself up and honestly, I am really tired of just doing nothing. So, I have picked up my tools and material box out of basement and set up the mobile / laptop workshop on sofa.
Can’t do much on this condition, but still can cut the birch bark. The antler bolster is also done now on this laptop work shop and it start to look something. Hope this comes out nice…
I still need to make double mount of birch bark washers and I am start to running out of my bark stock.
For the end cap or pommel, I am planning on making it same way as on bolster, and that part is in gluing process now.
All the materials I am using on this knife are first time for me. Especially the antler, it is totally different from reindeer that the soft core is really large. I am still not decided yet that if I will hollow it then fill up with epoxy or just cement it with some glue…

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  1. I guess the epoxy would be harder, and if it would show, a smaller cap of brass or German silver would cover it.

  2. As you say, epoxy would be harder, so, I decided to use epoxy to cement the core.
    To hide the showing part, I was thinking of copper or nickel silver, but wanted to try the Saami method of covering with other antler. The picture is the result of it.