Spring harvest – 今春のヌーボー

Birch sap harvest has started for some time here in Finland. This is one of my waiting moments every year and this spring, have harvested about 6L so far.
Actually, this year, the spring came so quick that I have missed the starting time by about 1 week, so the sap will stop flowing any time soon.

It is really refreshing drinking this as it is, but my favorite is to make syrup. You need to boil it down, so end up having very little mount of it compared to the mount you started with. But it will last long time and is really something.

This is from this year. Not much, but I am hoping that will still getting little more to at least fill this bottle.

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  1. That birch syrup looks good! I may collect some more this week and try to make syrup as well.

    Thanks for showing!


  2. Hey!! Good to see you in here!
    Hope you enjoy your syrup. I noticed that the tree, which is getting more sunlight, gives sweeter sap.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I've also heard that it's best to tap the tree low down on the trunk, and also that trees in wet areas and near water give more sap.