Annoying...That what it is! 苛立たしい事この上なし!

These, it is truly annoying
I have my JP-BCK project – beta 2 knife, ready to be heat-treated for past few days now. As I do not have shed to protect my forge from rain or make shade from san right, I need to work on not raining nighttime. But, every evening, when out side is dark enough, it starts to rain…

So, out of frustration, I have started to make handle already. I was thinking of using cherry, but the friction folder I made turned out quite nice, so decided to use oak again. Also I like the toughness of this material and I think it suite the knife.

Well… naturally, making the handle for the JP-BCK– beta 2 is not enough to occupy this extra time, so I have completed the Friction Puukko as well.
I could not decide if I want to set this up permanently as a neck knife or a belt knife. So, I made it so that works anyway I wish.

With this hook, I can hang it anywhere I want. Also, I have finished the leather with oil. I like this color better than leather dye and protect better from water.

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  1. Do you have a way to hang a plastic tarp for protection from the rain?

  2. I could, but will be little to close to the forge and am not comfortable with it, since the spark from the forge easily reaches.

    I have been planning of extending the garage lately for my forge setup, but need to be carful with the city regulations and neighbor’s privacy.