JPBK-β2 (Sheath part 2 - シースその弐)

It is not progressing as fast as I want, but can’t help it, coz I am doing this part only with knife and do not want to rush.

I managed to make the opening part of the sheath (Koikuchi in Katana term) and started to glue on the sidewalls.

I could hollow out entire part like making of Katana sheath, but that will take more effort. Also for a knife, I found it not worth doing it.

The knife will sit like this in the sheath. (one side of the wall is not glued yet on this picture.)

When the knife sits in the sheath, the spine of the knife will touch the wall but not the edge. Also I am making it so that I can place the knife on both ways, left or right. So I do not need to pay attention to which way I need to put the knife in the sheath. In my opinion, this is quite important function to have it on sheath.

 I have been using puukko in outdoor for quite long time and I love it, but each time I put back the knife in the sheath, I need to look at the sheath and think which way it goes in. other thing about puukko sheath is that since it is leather, I need to watch out not to cut the sheath. Other issue I have with puukko sheath is that I need two hands to get the knife out. So the wooden sheath will have the solution to all this.

Now I am gluing the other side of the wall. Still have few steps to take before starting the cosmetic fix on this sheath. Well I am not in hurry… not yet.

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