JPBK-β2 (Sheath - シース)

So the knife is sunbathing to get oil cured, I was at making of sheath.

I am going to give a wood sheath for this knife, since I really like the one I made for the beta1 knife. Using oak taken from same log as used for handle and carve out the opening to fit the part of handle. This system is used on traditional Ainu Makiri knife and I have done it on my previous knife. It works really well and will not come out accidently.
(This is from β1 - 写真はβ1の物)

However, I still need to figure out the nice way to lock the knife to the sheath. Even it is quite secure without it, you never know for sure. I have few ideas about it, just need to see if that works.

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  1. Oh, a wooden sheath will be nice!

    How long is the blade on that knife?


  2. the blade length on the new one is 13cm. I was aming at 15, but do not know what happened, ended up on this length.
    the thickness is about 5mm (tiny bit less actually), but the spine is 4.5mm at thickest and tapered to tip.

  3. Nice! That will be a great general-purpose blade. A nice medium-sized camp knife. That's my preferred knife type.


  4. Yes, I think this will become quite good general-purpose knife. I have been using this knife to make sheath and so far, it is handling the delicate whittling job well.