Hobo fishing kit - 放浪者の釣具

I have made this hobo fishing kit last autumn yet, haven’t got chance using it for real. I thought I will have chance using it last weekend, so I packed it to may bag, well…. Still I could not find the good chance to use it….

However, I have made tiny modification to it. What I have changed is how I store the fishing weights. Till now, I could not find the good solution, so was packing it in separate container. But the idea came when I was pushing the painkiller tablet out of that laminated package. “This system can be used!!” so this is my solution! Laminating the fishing weights with paper and tape.

This seems to work well and as can see from picture, it fits nicely in the box. Also it will keep the tiny weights in place. I suppose I can do same thing for the fishing hooks as well for my pocket survival kit.

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  1. That's an interesting set-up; I've never seen one like it!

  2. Great solution!


  3. Thanks!
    I have build this so that I can use it whenever, as I have bait or do not have. The packed lures are the ones that have worked in previous usage. So the only thing missing from this kit is to proof that this system works...

  4. Well, you know what to do now. ;)