Bushcraft Finland Winter meet up - ブッシュクラフトフィンランド冬季オフ会

Last week end, I have participated the Bushcraft Finland winter meet up. There were 7 active members participated this meet up, including bmatt from The Weekend Woodsman, Finnman from Scandic Woodsman , Perkunas from Perkeles’ blog.
The weather was very much spring. Plus degrees, foggy/ sunny, but at night, the temperature has dropped somewhere -5 to -10 degrees centigrade.
The meeting took place in one of the public forest camping and trekking facility. Snowshoeing for about 2km from where we parked our cars. I was hauling about 5kg of shelter + sleeping equipment on the sledge, some are back packing.  By the time I have reached the meeting location, few members who has arrived has already been digging snow to make space for the shelter…

週末にブッシュクラフトフィンランドの冬季オフ会に参加してきました。参加者は7人、私のブログでも紹介したことのあるサイトの管理人The Weekend Woodsmanの bmatt、Scandic WoodsmanのFinnmanそして , Perkeles’ blog のPerkunas も参加です。

Quite easy walk, but foggy day. 

Snow cleaning to make space for shelter.

Lunch break after enough of snow digging.

A nice day shelter. We are not allowed to sleep in here, unless you get chicken of cold or in emergency situation.
The BCFIN issue snowshoe??

The shelters are up, some guys are going for a snow shelter.

no coment needed on this picture..

Thanks Finnman and Perkunas for demonstrating the original Finnish stove. the wisdom of Finnish woodsman.

And the sun goes down, night goes on… Fun time around the fire.

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  1. Nice pics and meetup report. I only wish it lasted longer! :(

  2. it lasted longer! >> same feeling.
    I am now working on editing video. lets see if any left to show, because there are swearing all over the scenes:)