美しいボトル その弐 – This bottole is a beauty


I have seen the bottle Sigg Steelw 0,6l retro drinking bottle with cup at shop. I thought it is a beauty. I never thought I find a bottle to be so beautiful and makes me want one so bad. But the price was 50 euro… this is too much, even for SIGG. And if I pay this much for this beautiful bottle, do I have courage to use it in real action?? Will I put that beautiful EXPENCIVE equipment on fire to boil water???? Probably not. So I could not buy it at that moment…
Well guess what, that bottle was waiting me at home yesterday!!????

What?? It looks dirty, old and different??? Yes, that is because this bottle is “Swiss canteen M32”, Swiss army surplus from 70s’ to 80s’. When I was looking at this bottle at Varusteleka site, I did not pay attention to detail.  Because it is looking good and cheap. But now I have it on my hand, I realized that the shape, size and the maker is exactly same as that beautiful bottle I saw at shop.
Checked from online and turned out that the Sigg Steelw 0,6l retro drinking bottle is a reproduction of this Swiss canteen M32.

 唯一の違いは栓と留め紐。この軍モデル(Swiss canteen M32)はコルクです。個人的に復刻版のプラ+ゴムパッキングの物よりも趣があって好きです。しかし長年の使用と保管による乾燥でスカスカ。留め紐は復刻版はレザー、こちらはコットン紐で、ボロボロ。早速この部分を修復します。

The difference between M32 and reproduction are the cap and lanyard. The M32 uses cork instead of plastic cap. I like cork cap better but the cork got too skinny to seal the bottle due to long time use and storing dried up. The lanyard is cotton string instead of leather. So I started to fix this.
First the cork. This cork is a proper old fashioned cork. Means punched out single piece cork, not the bound cork chips. So soaking in the boiling water for few min will bring this cap to original shape.

Then the lanyard. I would like to change it to some leather, but would like to use this bottle already on this weekend. I do not have enough time for leather craft now, so decided to replace it with new string.


Hmm... leather would look better, but now, this bottle is ready to be used. As you can see from the picture, the cork seals well just the half way of its length.
But seriously, I never thought I will be so excited about just a bottle. I found this bottle + cup set very attractive. It has been well used and has lots of scratches on it, yet it has a presence. Beautility perhaps? Whatever it is, I am in love with this equipment.

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  1. Pretty is as pretty does. I'm sure it will be a joy forever.

  2. Great vintage bottle and cup! Very "bushcrafty". :)


  3. シグのカップ、キャンティーンですね。これ日本のサプライヤーに売ってます。たしか2500円ぐらいだったように思います。僕はクルセダースのセットを買ってしまったので買いませんでした。でも魅力十分の商品ですね。インターネットで調べるとミリタリーサプライは日本のほうが安いみたいですね。