Weekend lunch@private firepit. - 週末昼食@プライベートファイヤーピット

It was really nice sunny day last weekend. I guess the spring is really on its way.
While I was doing some yard work, I suddenly got desire of grilling sausages.
But the day like this, the public forest with fire pit locations are filled with people. Going there with 3 dogs to have relaxing time is impossible. So, decided to make our private fire pit on back yard.
Dug some snow out, made bench out of snow and Spruce branches, place griller and done!

Bring out some camp equipment and start grilling. If forget about the back ground, this feels like we are in the forest:)

It is at home, no one will bother us, so the dogs are also relaxed.

This snow bench was really good idea. Especially on the end of winter, when we have more warm sunny days, this will gives us a place to hang around to enjoy the sun.  I wonder how come I did not do this before...

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  1. March in Finlan dis great, because it can be "warm" and sunny, but you can still enjoy the snow and winter activities. Looks like the snow bench is a great idea. :)

    1. Cannot pull out the garden table sets, so this works just nicely. Also in case you need sitting place for more people, there are “tons” of materials around and quick to make :)