Faster than expected.

Yesterday morning, I have finish putting 2nd coat of linseed oil + turpentine mix.

I was planning on putting 2 more times but last night, when I have checked, it looks well soaked already.  So skipped the 2 more coat and changed to linseed oil only coat.

The reason of doing this way is that the linseed oil + turpentine mix soaks in to wood deeper, and linseed oil only coat does not, but gives the better surface coat.
Before I apply the linseed oil only coat, I run through the find steel wool to remove the excess. Then apply the linseed oil using heat gun.

This is how it looks after over night. It looks good. Thought of giving nice shiny polish, but since I am making this for myself and will be user, I will just leave it like this.
And the axe head, the red ruster has dropped out well, but the texure difference between original skin and new skin from grinding down is really different. So I polished the entire head with brass wheel brush. Then put it back to vinegar again.

The picture is from after over night, and now the texture allover look much unified.
This I will leave it in vinegar for 1 or 2 days more so the patina will set to axe little better.

The work for axe did not take much time this time and had little more free time before my bed time. So, started to make walking (trekking) stick out of willow (I think it is willow…)

Lately, I got really interested in having walking stick (or trekking pole). First I saw Ray Mears using one in one of his TV show. It looked cool and seems to have same advantage of having one and use of it. It was the type of English working stick with “Y” shape on top. So I started to check around on Internet and found lots of different types and what to use for. I choose strate type for myself. (no reason, just felt like more suited.)

Carrying long stick like this has kind of appeal to men’s hunting instinct. Also it is one of the oldest tool the men kind have invented and been used till nowadays. What could be more “Bushcraft tool” than this!
I am not sure what function I will build in to it, but I am sure, will figure it out as it develops.

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