I need to think about this!! – ちょっと見直し。

Lately, I am giving thought about “What makes the bushcrafter’s pack different from others’?”. Well yes, I know the gear you carry does not make you a bushcrafter but the things you do does. But on the other hand, the things you do should reflect the gear you carry.

 So I have piled up the gear I use/have and took moment to have good look at them…

This was the set I used for last winter camping. It was a winter camping and was first time, so I put the extra and fancy (high-tech) equipments as safety margin. But still the base sat is my usual composition for night out.
…. This set does not look like bushcraft…. More like normal camping…

If it is spring to autumn season going to solo camp, I am confident that I am not going to need most of those.

So I have compared this to my Mini pack, which I use for solo day trip.
(Not!! I say solo means going alone. When I am not on solo trip, usually need to accommodate my wife’s or friend’s comfort. So the equipment I carry increases accordingly.)

This is the base set of my mini pack. Adding food to this will make complete set for a day trip.

Based on this set, what will happen if I just add few items like:
Good wool blanket 厚手の毛布
Tarp or large poncho(s) タープかそれに類似するもの
First aide kit 救急セット
Navigation equipments 地図、コンパス
Simple food 簡単な食料

When I imagine that set, I probably can go on for few days. Of cause, I cannot say for sure that I could, till I really tried it. or am I being optimistic?
But think about it, all you need for night out in forest is covered:
Food> yes
Fire> yes
Sleep and shelter> yes
Navigation > yes
Emergency > yes
Means to carry all above> yes

The only missing part is comfort, but that where “Bushcraft” comes in… RIGHT?

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  1. You're a man of thoughtful! But I have no the criteria for selection, everything is hurry and confusion. I must change. :)

  2. Good post and a good question...
    Bushcraft and camping can be the same thing at times. The difference is that camping is done purely for relaxation and fun, Bushcraft is more like camping out but using/practising primitive skills in order to understand them better and gain confidence in your ability to live in the woods with minimal equipment.

    As for your list:
    a knife & saw/axe
    fire lighting (fire steel, lighter & lens)
    container for water (canteen, cup & pot)
    shelter (poncho & blanket/sleeping bag)
    cordage (strong string)
    compass & map
    a light source (head torch - plain light and flash ability)
    first aid (simple first aid kit & Sunscreen, hygiene items)
    signal (whistle & small mirror, head torch- flasher)
    carry (day pack/rucksack & dry bag)

    this is just a few basics... you could look at my blog for some more ideas if you like. :)



  3. P.S.

    Try this post here, it might help get you started...



  4. I have been thinking as to what makes a good survival pack. Thank you!

  5. Thnaks for inputs and usufull links.
    I see many people are interested in packing and what to carry.
    I guess this is one big topic as there are so many variations according to the personal preferences.
    As for me, I start to realize that I have accumulated some bushcraft skilles, yet still carrying the “camping” equipments, which I was using before I met bushcraft.
    It is simply “I am use to have it” and wasn’t gave thought about it. But most of those are not really needed.

  6. Great post. When you try to reduce gear down to the basics, you realize how little is really needed. If I think about the items I used on my last camping/bushcraft trip, it's like this:

    Sleeping bag
    Poncho tent

    That's really about it. Naturally, I don't want to leave out things like first-aid kit, emergency blanket, signal mirror, etc. from my kit when I go out, because one day I might need them. But it is nice to look back and see the gear that I regularly use to see how little I need. It helps me to thin out my pack from time to time and get rid of unused items.