Midsummer campout

It was the midsummer’s festival last weekend in Finland. It was really nice weather day so in the evening, I decided to spend a night out.
Since I have canoe this year and nearby lake, which I often visit, has an island, I grabbed my night out gears, mount the canoe on car then head out…

By the time my canoe touched the water, it was almost 22:00.

It look like early evening but it is the time of the year, the sun does not set..

Landed on the island, set up the camp for the night. The Location I used did not have designated fire pit / Place so made very small version of Raappanan tuli (Finnish Woodsman’s stove) for coffee making and repelling mosquito. 

But the mosquito this year seems to be more than usual. Smoke from the fire was not quite enough, so lit the finder fungus.

This seems to have worked well as on the end of trip, I did not have any mosquito bite.

Was doing this and that… the time passes fast. 

It is little passed mid night, only sound around are bird singing and fish jumping. The sun is in its lowest and it just behind the forest tree line. I have enjoyed the view for a while then got on to hammock. Still could do some reading with natural light, so did little catch up on books I wanted to finish reading…

It was my second time using hammock for night out. I should have had better insulation on my back that I felt little cold in the night. But slept quite well till a water bird decided to wake me up.

Made morning coffee then the time to break the camp.
It was a location / island which I quite often go to spend some time, but it was a first time spending over night there. Night out on island in practice is not much different than in woods or forest, but gave me wonderful feeling, different from any other night out I have done.

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  1. It's been too long since I have been able to go camping. Your island trip looks great. :)

    I'm looking forward to doing some woods bumming with you soon!