夏休み2泊キャンプ 1日目 – Summer trip report Day1


I have had 2 nights out trip during my holiday. First day was with friend and the second day was solo. The Mexican friend was supposed to join, but he got sick on day before so he skipped this time.
The location, we choose some new place where we never have been. On the map, it looks promising but, when we have reached the site, we realized that this site is not going to be present…
The indication was seen from the starting of the trail.  All the signs along the path were vandalized. And the campsite… it was impossible. I have lived and seen Finnish people and them behavior in the nature and have used the outdoor facilities in the forest quite a lot. But I never have seen such a mess and claw mark of vandalism. Fire wood pile was dissipated all over the site. Laavu was messed with muddy boots marks, fire pit was almost unusable condition and leftover char are piled around. The location was only 0.8km walk from living area, but this cannot be happening…

vandalized signs at beginning of trail.


So we decided to change the site. Open the map and check what is possible to access from here… we have started the trip after 17:00, so do not have too much time to move around.
Luckily, there is another location about 4km walk away. It should be far enough, so no easy vandalism can reach. Also, there is a forest car road running, which we could use it as shortcut, making it about 3km distance.

As soon as arrived at destination, start preparing meal, for myself and for dogs… no time to relax, chill out yet.

After the meal, finally the time to chill out. take off boots and dip in the feet to cold lake. Fantastic feeling.

While we are relaxing by the fire, there came a pair of swan right front of where we are.
that bard is really big and amazingly beautiful. especially when fly pass close range... the wing span, the look, the sound.

tried Rakovalkea super mini... well it did not work. somthing must be missing from this construction.

1st night, I have slept in here... honestly, I did not like it. could not sleep well...

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  1. No, that vandalism is not pleasant at all! Sad to see it in Finland. :( Maybe it was some teenagers or something.

    Looks like you're already getting good use of that vintage pack. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

    Not everything went perfectly on your trip, but that's outdoor life. :) It's better than being stuck inside, right?

    Thanks for showing.

    1. it is sad. I just never seen such bad mess in Finland so kind of shocked me.

      vintage pack worked well, but I would like to make bit of modification to make it great:) and the post about the pack is coming soon.