夏休み2泊キャンプ 2日目 – Summer trip report Day2


Really... I could not have good sleep on night 1. There was other people slept under same roof that night, and they were a couple… and they have been active all night…. And I mean “ACTIVE”. Also they have kept throwing large amount of firewood in the stove, so the kota was like sauna inside. So got up very early in the morning and started the breakfast fire.
After the breakfast, my friend head back home and I started my solo camp.


The activity of the day was to have hike to small lake about 2 km away then have lunch and back to camp. Packed away all I do not need for the hike and took my new scout bag made from Finnish army gasmask bag. It was supposed to be easy walk… and it was on beginning 500m. Then the trail became rocky and covered with overhang trees. About 1km point, trail just vanished. I was correctly following the trail markings. I even track back for few meters to the last one I checked, but could not find the continuing trail. So, I pulled out map and compass, aimed straight line to destination, started the bushwhacking.

Cheking wild edables on the way.

Juniper: good spice for game meat
Bilberry: the fruit is not yet, but tiny flower was beautiful 
Labrador tea? I think...
Gyromitra esculenta: highly poisons but after proper preparation,it is delicious to eat. Spring mushroom. 

Through the bush, came out in easier walking forest. The lake should be close.

Arrived at destination, took some group photo, set up lunch. 

Finnish air force(<= inside joke…) bombarding the youngest one. 
Made wind shield with pine bark.


Back to camp, it is time to set up the shelter. Pulling out DIY poncho shelter and setting it up for very first time… I usually do not bring any gear which is not tested before hand, but this was a special case.
Setting up was as easy as setting tarp and took no time, thaw I spend good time look for best possible spot, so I can have good undisturbed sleep. 


Could have used as lean to, but I wanted to have bit of privacy, so just kept the side open. I really like this shelter. Very roomy, feels good, and dogs seems to like this shelter that they can come and go freely.


Well, in fact the new shelter was so comfy, while enjoying it, I fell asleep. When woke up, it was time for dinner… I was planning on going fishing to get side dish for dinner, but too hungry for that. So just made very simple Japanese bushcrafters’ meal. 
Of course, while waiting for the meal to cook, I have crafted chopsticks, rice spoon and eating plate. Oh, do not underestimate the complexity of making chopsticks. to make properly working one, it requires some skills :). 

Rice and Miso soup, the Japanese bushcrafters’ meal :) a fish would complete the set properly…


The lest of the evening was spend doing different types of crafts. The one really impressed me was the heat-treated wooden arrow tip. This penetration power, should be enough for small games??


The second night, I have slept so well. it was Sunday night so no other people staying. also this time was on the soft comfy forest floor, and in my own space.
Woke up early-ish time, have breakfast, pack up and cleanup the site. 


was stressful starting, but the closing was great. felt like finally have got some own time, stress-less. The Savotta pack worked well and with little bit of modification, it will be a great pack for me. also, this pack, it makes me feel like going out with it each time I look at it....

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  1. Wow, that's pretty rude of that couple to be "active" like that in a small, enclosed public space...

    I don't think that is Labrador tea. I believe Labrador tea is only found in North America, but the thing you showed could be similar. I have seen it many times in swampy areas, and I think the leaves are supposed to be a good food seasoning, so it would probably make good tea as well.

    Looks like we have another member of the "Finnish gas mask bag club"! ;)

    Your alcohol stove and canteen cup are a great way to heat/cook stuff and are both compact. I like that setup. I might have to "order" one of those stoves from you. ;)

    I like your Japanese bushcrafter's meal and utensils. They add a unique touch.

    Ancient people used heat-treated arrow and spear tips for a looooong time. Not as good as stone-tipped, but they work!

    1. It is rude. Similar has happend once in japan, was from neighboring tent :)

      The stove and canteen are working well and fits nicely I the inside pockets. I am emptying one can now, so when that gets empty, will make one stove for you.

      I have been trying to ID that plant, but there are so similor ones, I can not be sure.

    2. Really? Thanks! :D Let me know how much you want for it, or maybe we could make a trade.

      As you know, I will have to adjust my "bushcrafting style" a bit after we move, so I am very interested in alternatives to a wood fire, like this stove. My hobo stove works well with sticks or the buddy burner when I have my full gear loadout, but it's a bit too bulky to carry around in my shoulder bag for short trips. The small alcohol stove from you will be a fantastic solution!!! :)

    3. No worries about paying for it, there are no production costs, just elbow grease:)

  2. いいですね。素敵なブッシュクラフトライフですね。羨ましいです。