Helsinki Knife show 2011 (英語版)


So I was making show report in Japanese, but thought that could do it in ENG as well.

The Helsinki Knife show was held in Helsinki 8th of Jan 2011. This was the 2nd show and as last year, it was very good show to see so many excellent works and to meet the makers.

Here are the Jakob and Simon Nylund's work.
As what they do best, the fittings of all of them knives are flawless.

Jakob Nylund

Simon Nylund

And here are the 1st folder they have made. It was simple yet has lots of nice details and ideas.

It is not that good photo, but the puukko folder from Pekka Tuominen.

Then here comes my favorite maker from this show, Mike Blue.
The photo can’t tell enough how beautiful his steel and blades are. Just by quick look, it shows that the steel used was different than any other. On top of that, his hand has forged the steel to beautiful blade with expression.

I love the knives with beautyful blade, which is rare to see.

This was from the table of Estonian knife comunity. I liked alot, what has done to the MORA blade, showing on photo.
do not see the work done using Mora blade in show, so this was very refreshing.

Viking style war knives. blade on these are also nicely done.

At this show, One thing I wanted to look at closer was saami puukko. especially the work from Laers-Erik Maesja.
I have seen his work at show last year as well, but have not paied enough attention.
Incredible skill was put in to this traditional carving.

Other interesting saami puukko was from Jano Knives.
the triple puukko and total length of about 2cm puukko.

There are much more I would like to comment, but it is getting long, so, will post the lest of it later.

Meanwhile, I have put together photos and videos and uploaded to youtube. You could also taste the show.

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