My new mini pack - ミニパック更新 (part 3)

OK, let’s see what are packed inside.
First, how everything are fitted in the bag.

On top, the saw is strapped. Then paracode is in the pocket, lest are fitted to large compartment. Rain poncho, Knife, water bottle and the brew set.

The brew set contains several items. I also pack the tinder bag and Light my fire in here as back up.

The tinder bag: Flint, char cloth, Fatwood, Birch bark.

Brew set: 1L stainless mug, Hobo wood-gas stove, Light My Fire fire steel, spork, coffee and powder milk.

And the last item. This is not packed in the bag, but since this one is the extended part of this pack set, so introducing it as the last item.
It is a 1 sheet of Belgian army shelter half (170x170cm canvas poncho/tarp/shelter). It is little small compare to usual tarp, but big enough to block wind, rain and possibly over night shelter in summer.

So, this is my mini pack setting I carry for short trip. The updated part from the previous set is the Bag, saw and shelter half. Of cause, I do not carry all these items all the time that leave behind the items, which are not needed as par trip.
Also would like to note, that the shelter half is the latest addition to mini pack and have not used it yet in action, so that, I am looking forward to test sometime.


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