JPBKβ2をちょっと変更 – Little modification to JPBK beta II

I have made small modification to the JPBK beta II. The modification is to the sheath, replacing the 550code to leather belt loop.
↓↓↓変更前のJPBKβ2-  JPBK beta II befor modification. ↓↓↓

The reasons of making this modification are:
1> 550 code as belt is too thin and unstable. Something wider code would to better, but cant find one I like to use.
2> I have got a nice belt which planning to be a outdoor belt kit. So really wanted to utilize my new belt.

And so, this is what came up.

ナイフ固定用のループへはクリス・グラント(Chris Grant = Silver Fox Bushcraft Knifeの作者)のアイディアを拝借。ゴム紐をスナップボタンの間に渡し、スナップを外すと同時にループが開く仕組み。これでナイフの抜き差しで切ってしまうのを防げる。
It was surprisingly difficult to set the small belt buckle to good position. Tiny bit foreword or backward will make the buckle sticks out.
For the loop, which secures the knife to the sheath, I took the idea from one of Chris Grant’s knife. It has elastic code between snap buttons. So when the button is released, it opens up itself and does not get on the way of blade.

I have tried this new sheath with the belt, and I really like it. It bit feels like hanging Colt SAA or something. Tried the backpack on as well. And it does not get on the way of hip belt of the backup. Can’t wait to complete this belt kit and get out to autumn forest.

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  1. I must say, that finished knife, sheath and belt look great together! Totally professional. A job very well done.

    Looking forward to seeing it in person. :)