Vacation ended. 夏休み終了・・・




So,,, my vacation has ended...
On the end, I have had full of schedule filling up my vacation calendar and really did not have “Free time”. But, I did enjoy every bit of it.

The 2 nights 3 days trip I have planed was shortened due to my insufficient self-health management. But while I was there, I really had great time. So I could say I am satisfied.
Oh! And for those who has commented during that time, Thank you! and sorry about not replying to each one of them timely. I will make post about that trip some time soon as reply to those comments.
However, today’s update is the video of Blueberry picking I have mentioned some time ago. Yes, I finally managed edit and uploaded, so I hope you will enjoy watching it!

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  1. Nice video! My wife and mother-in-law have been picking tons of blueberries (bilberries ;) lately, and the freezer is now full. They're great to eat and make kiiseli with in the winter.

    From your recent posts, it looks like you enjoyed your vacation time. Glad to hear it. We should try to arrange the BCFIN meetup for September, I think. The weather will still be pretty good then.


  2. kiiseli is a nice idea with blueberries :)
    My freezer is filled with raspberry, so cant fit any more any thing...

    BCFIN meet up, would be great. Perhaps could combine with first-aide course? However, lets try to organize it!

  3. My wife likes to use several different berries in the kiiseli, often mixing blueberries, raspberries and strawberries (and sometimes some other little red berries as well). Comes out great.

    A combination BCFIN/first-aid meetup would be great. Check out my post at BCFIN about meetup places, ideas and times.