Hooked on Hook Knife.

Lately, I have been making some carved utensils.
It all started from putting the new mini bag. Because I renewed it, wanted to renew my brew kit, so did make new stove. Then thought, LightMyfire spork is bit tasteless, so made coffee measuring spoon from juniper.

And for making that, I bought Frost Mora 162, but was too big for that project, so made small one myself.

However, I was so pleased with what I can make with hook (crook) knife, so I have decided to try making a “Kuksa” the traditional finish wooden cup.

For kuksa, it usually need birch burl (or any burl will do) but I did not have any burl. So decided to give a shot with flat grain Alder.

Rough-cut with an axe, then start carving with hook knife.

at this point, I have left this till next day…

Oh,Oh… tiny crack on bottom.
The wood was dead dry, yet this crack. It is not damaging till inner wall, so still ok.

I have boil it with very salty water, hoping it will stop the cracking…

Now I need to keep this kuksa in a plastic bag when ever I am not working on it.

once all carving is done, I will boil it in salt + water solution again, then dry it for 3 weeks or more.

I have bad feeling that this is not going to work, but hey… It is lots of fun anyway!

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