1 spark 10min Tinder bundle ・松脂ティンダーバンドル

Other day, when I was walking woods, I have found large chunk of pine resin on tree. It is quite easy to spot this sort while on walk and if I have chance, I try to collect them, coz it is very useful to have for fire making and all kinds of crafts I do.
bur there is a issue when I need to correct it. If I have some container, then fine, but most of the time, I do not have. And if I stick the resin in my pocket… well you know what is going to happen. So here is the solution: wrapping it in “Old men’s beard” (Usnea).
見つけるたびに採集するわけだが、一つ問題が有る。ポリ袋などの入れ物を持っていれば問題は無いのだが、そんな物いつも持ち歩いているわけではない。そこで考え付いたのが、霧藻 (サルオガセ)で包む。こうすればポケットに入れても松脂でベトベトになることは無い。

And when need to use it for making fire, just open it a bit, and simply strike the fire steel to it.  It will take spark in 1 or 2 strikes and before Old men’s beard burns out, the resin ignites. Once the resin starts to burn, then it will keep burning for quite long time with strong heat.

The advantage of this bundle is that the materials are very easy to find and does not requite effort to collect it. Especially comparing to the work you need to put in to get fat wood, there is not work required to make this bundle, and works as good as fatwood.

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  1. That's really clever! I'll have to try it, too.