Greenland wax test on poncho tarp – グリーンランドワックステスト

Yesterday morning, when I was leaving home to work, the sky looked like gonna be heavy raining. So, I quickly pitched up my poncho tarp, which waxed with Greenland wax, to see if really stands against the rain.
This is how it looked in the morning. Partially dark, because of the wax, not wet.
and here is after 8h of under raining.
Till I get home it was raining and on about middle of the day, there was quite heavy raining. On out side, it looks like partially soaked wet, but if you look inside, it is not.
It only wet surface and the water did not penetrate the fabric. Checking inside, I could feel slight moist on fabric, but mostly completely dry. Also, after the rain stopped, the sun came up and the tarp fabric got completely dried up in 3h.
So, I would say, this Greenland wax totally works on canvas tarp I have, and now I am more confident on using this shelter system on real action.

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  1. I think the only way to make it 100% waterproof is to soak the whole tarp/pants/bag/whatever in a big pot of melted wax. ;)

    But it looks like the work you did has given the tarps a good degree of waterproofing that will serve you well if you are camping in bad weather.

    Thanks for showing. :)


  2. Yes. I think this is quite enough for shelter use and anyway this is cotton, so I am not expecting 100% waterproof.