New gadgets came in! – 新入りのお道具。

On weekends, I have got new gadgets to put in to my new packing system.

The first item is Italian army surplus 100%wool blanket. It is really stubby, but surprisingly not itchy. The size is 210 x 140cm and really nice, but the biggest problem with this is the anti moth small. I have let it breeze out for 2 days, but still smelling strong. This one goes to my bedroll.
 The second item is Swedish army mess kit (aluminium model). I have found this one on flea market for 10euro. Totally in good condition, doesn’t look like been used much.
I will replace the 1L stainless mug cup to this one. While on camping, I am not that in to instant food cooking, and do need some level of cooking capacity on pots and things. I am sure this will be a great addition to my kit. However, when was the last time I have used the mess kit.

Then the next one is fire steel. Yes, it is again the Light My fire Fire steel but this time, it is “Fire steel 2.0”!!!
 So what is the difference?

 Here is the old model next to new model. The steel size is exactly the same, but the handle design is different on both steel and striker.

But the biggest difference is the striker handle. If you look at closer, it has a new function on it! Yes, it works as emergency signaling whistle. And it makes really loud sound.

Now, all I need has lined up, so packed them all together.
It packs quite good, and notice that I have figured out the bedroll carrying system. I have attached the shoulder strap from my old bag. It feels OK, I just need to try walking with it some distance some time to try out.

I have also tried out several ways to put up the 2 sheets poncho tent on my yard.

The pyramid figure with and without center pole. This is most cozy and warm, but cant stretch your leg…
これが一番居心地良く暖かいのだが、 寝る時に足が伸ばせない→ちょっとキツイ。

This is the basic A frame config. As you can see, it gives very large space under the roof. The ground sheet in the picture is about 2m, so it really is enough. Just both sides are completely open, so it will not hold the heat in.

The last one is a shifted version of A frame. It gives nice openness and makes really nice space to hang around. Under the favorable weather, this might do just fine like this and if the weather turns, I can quickly put back to A frame.
最後の写真のものは Aフレームの変形型。オープンな空間を作り出し、マッタリと過ごすのに良さそう。天気が良ければこのまま寝てしまっても良いだろうし、天気が崩れてきたらAフレームに簡単に戻せる。

Well... now I got all this set up. I should find some time to get out and try out this new set for real.

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  1. Have you ever seen a illustration of a Wheelen lean-to? They appear to be practical, though I've never seen one.

  2. No, first time hear about it, so I googled it :)
    It looks real nice. It is open yet looks good retaining heat when used with fire, and offers good protection from rain.
    I wonder, if I can recreate similar with my poncho tarp.

    Thanks for info!

  3. The Italian military surplus blankets often have that very strong chemical smell (to repel moths). I have found that the best thing to do is to wash it with strong soap OUTSIDE (do NOT wash it in your house!!!! It will be 1,000 times worse) and then leave it to hang outside in the sun day after day until the chemicals leave (remember to flip it each day). There's something about sunlight that removes the chemicals. Please don't use the blanket until you have done this, because the chemicals are harmful!

    Your gear setup looks great (I also like to shoulder carry blanket rolls etc.).

    I like your shelter setups. I used the pyramid setup several times in 2009. It works well if the ground you are on can hold on to tent pegs. On rocky or soft ground, the tent sags a lot and it's hard to get the front closed. I used scissor-poles on the outside instead of tying it to a tree. Recently I've been using an A-frame setup like you showed here, and find it to work very well.

    Thanks for showing!


  4. Great info! What do you recommend, cold or warm water? As you said, the chemical seems to be quite harmful. As I have tried roll-in myself for short while, I got little bit of skin irritation. I am sure that not from wool, so been thinking of how to get the chemical out.
    For the pyramid setup, I even have tried very small fire inside just to see how the smoke goes out. I do not recommend doing it, but my case, the smoke rise nicely up and out. :)

  5. If possible, I would use an old metal pot and boil the blanket in soap and water, or you could put the blanket in some kind of basin and then put soap and boiling water in it and then move it around with a stick for a while to wash the chemicals out. Just beware: The blanket will smell VERY strongly of the chemicals when you wash it, so do it outside and don't breath in the fumes. I'm not sure if boiling would shrink the blanket, so you might want to try cold water. I think the most important thing is to wash the chemicals out.

    Then it's very important to also put it in the sun for a long time, as I said. Somehow the sunlight removes the chemicals or something.

    Thanks for the tip on the pyramid tent fire. :)


  6. Thanks for the tip!! I washed it with warm water and now it is hanging under the sun.
    Man,,, that thing makes horrible small while washing. It was really good advice you gave me, “Do not wash inside”. I was washing it outside yet the fume got in to my shirt I was wearing and I still can small it from myself.

  7. I'm glad you are making progress with the blanket, and that you washed it outside. :)

    When the chemicals are out and the blanket is dry, you will have a rugged, warm blanket for summer bushcraft that should last for many years. :)


  8. Progressing, but I have the feeling that I might still need to wash it againe... Lets see how much work the sun light will do!< Good thing is that this week seems to have good Sunny days.