The selection - 選択

So last night, I have quickly put together the new selection of my equipments to carry. I thought the Minipack I have is the good base to start, so starting from adding the things that are missing for over night stay.
Incase you have not see my previouse post about putting minipack, here are the links to those!!

After the selection, this is what I got left.

It is not final, but I think it is a start, and I think I am on the good direction.
1) blanket + tarp ブランケット+タープ
2) Axe, SAK, Puukko, saw, pocket sharpener 斧、SAK、プーッコ、ノコギリ、砥石
3) kukusa + telescope ククサ+望遠鏡
4) para code 30m パラコード30m
5) Canvas bag, Navigation set, felt hat キャンバス製の鞄、地図+コンパス、フェルト・ハット
6) Woodgas stove + 1L cup + 1L alumium bottol ウッドガスストーブ+1㍑カップ+1㍑アルミボトル
7) Damp pauch ダンプポーチ
8) Food bag + Food 食料袋+食料
9) Fir stating kit /survival kit 救急セット・サヴァイヴァルセット
10) Fire starter kit 火打ち袋
11) Fishing kit つり道具
12) Poncho ポンチョ
Not in picture: 写真に無いもの
Japanese washcloth, mosquito head net. 手ぬぐい、モスキートネット。

and here is how it packed.
my plan was to make shelter + bracket + stove+ food into Hudson-bay pack, but I need to work on that… I could not find the satisfying way to tie it up yet.
When packed, I have noticed few things.
>I do not need Woodgas stove, coz I only need that when I go to the location where open fire is not allowed.
>I need better “Wool” blanket.
>Need to think about the food. It needs to be high carbohydrate, heavy (to stomach), easy to clean, does not require multiple cookware.
> Need (want) Walking stick.

I think, I will play around with this setting little while to see what comes up.

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  1. Nice bushcraft kit selection you have there! Lots of nice more traditional materials. :) You have the basics covered, and this kit should serve you well.

    One comment about the wool blanket: I tried using wool blankets for overnight camping, but found that they are not very warm unless you have an all-night heating fire as well. My main blanket was the Italian military surplus wool blanket, which is very rugged and large. It is comfortable down to about 10*C while wearing a full set of clothes. To me, this makes it summer sleeping gear. For the other 9 months of the year, I use one or two sleeping bags. If you can find a very thick, fluffy wool blanket it may work very well for you. The secret is thickness of insulation.

    Anyway, great work on the bushcraft kit. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person this summer. :)


  2. Thanks!! are you talking about that 210 x 170 cm Italian military surplus wool blanket ? I was just looking at that on net and was thinking, even it is little thin, I can roll it to make double layer. And good to know that, that blanket will be comfortable till +10*C. can you tell how much does it weight?
    I was also looking at the Czech blanket 190 x 140 cm, weight 1,7 kg. But not sure about the size, that if it is big enough to wrap me.

    The blanket selection is a serious business:)

  3. Yes, that's the one. In comparison to other wool blankets of that type, it is the thickest I've seen, so it is not especially thin. But those military wool blankets are made to be strong and durable, not to be fluffy and warm!

    Yes, you could fold it in half to make 'two blankets', but you would have to make sure that the surface you are laying on will be warm/soft enough. I don't know how much coverage a folded blanket would give you in use, but it might work. I'll have to give it a try.

    The weight is over 5 pounds (maybe about 2.3 kg), so it's not light. For that kind of weight, I'd usually rather have a sleeping bag. But in the summertime and in the 'bushcraft spirit', the blanket works well. :) If you are set on getting a mil. surp. blanket, I would go with this one.


  4. Thanks! that was most helpfull, and I just cliked the "Order" button!:)