Waxing done and so the axe restoration.

Well last night, I finally finished the waxing of my poncho tarp and restoration of new/old axe.

The left side is the un-waxed (as purchased condition) sheet and the right side is the one I just finish putting 2 coats of Greenland wax.
Can you see that it got darker? Also repels water much better. I have tested by shooting the water with water spray, adjusted to shoot tight line of pressured water, directory to tarp from close range.  One without wax, water repels but surface gets soaked. One with the wax, totally repels and all sprayed water just rolls down. So now this tarp should hold even in pouring rain.

And the axe restoration…
Well this took really lots of time and work, since the firs helve I have fitted to this head has broken on first 3 swings… so this time, I took my time to carefully check the grain of wood and no to use uncertain part. 
There is bit of knots on the bottom, but that should not have any effect on strength, coz that part should not get that much of stress.

Now, I should take this to chopping test. If works good, this might become my choice of carry.

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  1. The axe has a nice rustic look.

  2. Looks like those projects are coming along nicely.

    I have also waxed a few things and was amazed by how much wax is required. The Fjällräven wax box says that the soap-sized block is good for about 8 - 10 treatments of a jacket. No chance! I put one coating on a pair of pants, a small shoulder bag and a canvas bag the size of a pillow case and it's at least half used up, and those things don't really repel water that much better now.

    I'm glad to hear you had good results with the wax!


  3. The axe, I have tried using for splitting. It works good, but because of its size, log size of about 10cm diameter to larger, it is quite difficult to process. So I think I will stick to my Billnäs for outdoor use. However, this axe is excellent size and balance for wood crafting, so I am very pleased with it.

    The greenland wax. Yes, it takes lot more than what instruction say. I have used close to 3 bricks for this project. It is 2 coating on total of 5.78 m2.
    Also I have found out that to get good water repel, need to apply quite thick as when melted, the wax almost go through the fabric. Other tip I have noticed was to use as low heat as possible on iron. Then move it around very slowly. If I use high or medium heat of iron and / or moving fast, it seems that the wax is vaporizing quite a lot and not soaking in to fabric.

    I have been playing with this wax for many different fabrics and it seems that if the fabric is not tight weaved, ten does not work that well. Like jeans and well used/ washed cotton pants, those did not get good result.

  4. Looks like I need to get a few more boxes then! (or find a cheaper alternative, maybe. ;)