This one totally opened up new perspective!

Yesterday, I was going through YouTube contents for trying to find better way to wrap my self in wool blanket and different ways of packing bed roll. While I was at it, YouTube auto-recommendation gave me a link to “Wool blanket backpack” from NorCalBushcraft.
First I just thought that “it is a clever way of packing”. And he was also using same blanket I have. So I tried it myself as well…

Man!! This is not just a “clever” way, it really is INGENIOUSE!! Other day I was thinking of how to get padding on my shoulder strap. Because even I got wide strap, I was not confident that I can carry it for long walking. Also the stability of pack was not great.
By using blanket as shoulder strap, it gives more stability and comfort to shoulder. As you can see from picture, now I can mount the black shoulder bag as well.
Though I have changed my version a little from the original. The original one has only 1 point on bottom of the pack to connect the shoulder part. I have tried it that way firs, but did not work good for me. It blocks the blood stream of side of my body and that makes arm numbness. So I have attach the carabineers on lower both side of the pack to widen the bottom connection.
I still need to figure out better knots and strap adjustment methods, but this is definitely the way to go!

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  1. An interesting idea... let us know how it goes after a long hike...



  2. Looks like it should work.

  3. Huh, that is pretty clever! I'll have to try that with my blanket as well.


  4. Yes, I am looking forward to try this out. But first, I need to get the mothball issue on my blanket solved :)